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The Navapalos Foundation

The Navapalos Foundation was a pioneering project in the field of construction with soil, renewable energies, low-cost housing, development aid and technology transfer to developing countries. Most of the Foundation’s activities took place at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. The Spanish non-profit foundation, recognized and legalized in the Ministry of Education and Culture, takes its name from the abandoned historic town of Navapalos, in the province of Soria in Spain. Navapalos village served, at the same time, as a research center, a demonstration and experimentation center and as the summer academies’ headquarters. The Navapalos Foundation is considered one of the most important projects of the world in the field of sustainable development, protection of the environment and development aid. The founder and president of the Foundation is the architect-urban planner Erhard Rohmer, with the collaboration of Ana Vera, as general secretary.

Foto: «View on the village» by Ana María Rabe

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