Key Dates

  • 1985: Creation of the NAVAPALOS Research and Demonstration Centre.
  • 1987: International Year of Shelter for the Homeless (IYSH-1987).
  • Message from the Centre for information of the United nations for Spain is enclosed, from Denise Cook for this event in Navapalos.
  • 1991: Village for trades and Craftwork.
  • 1992: Assembly of the Habiterra Network. (systemisation of the use of earth as a building material in dwellings of social interest). CYTED programme. Participants from over 30 countries.
  • 1996: Creation of the Navapalos Foundation for Training and Research.
  • 1985-1997: XIIth International Working Meetings on «earth as a building material, energies and sustainable development» in which around three hundred people took part, at each one of them, between students, professionals and experts from over 20 countries.

Foto: Ana María Rabe

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