Photo: Erhard Rohmer, president of the Navapalos Foundation, together with the Queen Sofia of Greece and Michael Petzet (center), international honor president of ICOMOS, at the inauguration of an exhibition of the Navapalos Foundation, in Madrid (2002).

Over the past 30 years, the Foundation and the Development Service have received numerous significant awards for their work and projects. Especially important are the United Nations awards:

– (1998) United Nations Human Settlements Program Award for the Navapalos ECO-Center, for its best projects in the world in the field of the fight against depopulation and sustainable development, Nairobi, Kenya.
– (2001) United Nations Human Settlements Program, «Best» qualification for a project in Popayán, Colombia.
– (2002) United Nations Human Settlements Program, «Best» qualification for a project in Telpaneca, Nicaragua.

It was a special honor for the Foundation that the Queen of Spain, H.M. Sofia of Greece, had inaugurate the exhibition «Architecture with soil» in the Madrid’s High Technical School of Engineers of Roads, Canals and Ports, in 2003. The exhibition, of which Erhard Rohmer was the curator, took place within the framework of the XIII World Congress of ICOMOS. International Honorary President of ICOMOS, Michael Petzet, and the Mayor of Madrid, José María Álvarez del Manzano, also attended the inauguration. In 1992, the Queen of Spain’s son –before, the «Prince of Asturias», and current King of Spain, H.M. Felipe VI– was sponsored by the «VII International Labor Meeting of the Navapalos Center».

In the Spanish context, the recognition by the government of the province of Castile and León of the Navapalos project, as a «contribution to the development of bioclimatic architecture and the protection of the environment», in 2000, is also noteworthy.

Research results for «Navapalos» and «Inter-Acción» in the Best Practices-Database (05/|19/2017).

Foto: Ana María Rabe

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